Author: Mass Shootings | Sober Thoughts🕯️

There have been two mass shootings in America within the last 48 hours. I’ve been seeing articles about how many mass shootings there have been so far this year and how it’s outpacing the number of days in a year.

I feel like we’re living in a surreal version of 1984 in my country, albeit American flavored. When our Founding Fathers included the Right to Bear Arms into the Constitution, it was in reaction to British rule and relationships. The guns back then took minutes to load, aim and shoot ONE round. One.

I get this Political Cartoon image in my head of politicians being bunkered in at the Capitol in an Armageddon type of setting.  They’re the only ones left and the last survivors of the human race  are outside killing each other. The President will turn to his staff and go “Well, we protected their right to bear arms!” And another will say “But there’s no one left to vote for you now.”

4 thoughts on “Author: Mass Shootings | Sober Thoughts🕯️”

  1. So sad. Unfortunately, I feel like those who wish to hurt others will find a way with or without guns. I’d rather people didn’t hate other people so much. 😦

  2. It is sad and horrifying and terrifying. But I think the whole argument or guns is hiding the argument of humanity. What is so wrong with these people that they consider such atrocious acts? What kind of motivation is responsible for these actions and how can we start addressing the issue of the human heart because like Chelsea said, with or without guns, people will find a way.

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