Exercise Challenges

Author: October Cycling Challenge-Utah Again (Day 2/31) 🚴‍♀️🎃

I used to bicycle as a child quite a bit. As I grew up, the world didn’t feel quite as safe anymore and I found myself doing it less. Now here I am, spinning my legs  with trainers I’ve never met, traveling worldwide from the comfort of my home. And the Labrador continues to snooze behind me. 

Let’s review Day 2.

I picked a ride in Utah again. The scenery was very desert like, with lots of tiny bushes scattered around. If I were actually biking out here, I think I’d have an EMT trailing me for support. And safety.

My trainer was nice. She had a killer outfit on I noticed and some shiny shades. She was very supportive throughout, told us to dig deep and knighted us as athletes. At the beginning she called the road we were on a “road of death” or something poetically similar.  I sat up in my seat a little taller after that. Other than that, I survived. 😉

I read a story today in the NYTimes of a mouse falling from a ceiling in the White House into a press conference room. I imagined the mouse was sent to put things in order, or maybe he just wanted a piece of cheese with some crackers. He could have been an embassy from the Mouse Kingdom. One never knows.

And yes–with warmup and cool down, my workout was over thirty minutes again. See you tomorrow for Day Three. Ker-kaw!


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