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Author: October Cycling Challenge–New Zealand (Day 3/31)🚴‍♀️

Today was a day I could’ve used a pass card from exercising. Nothing worked right today, not even physics. I ran over my foot last night with a sliding closet door, I’ve been up for 17+ hours straight and I had sangria with dried ice. Yes, that’s my ten cent summary of today. You are welcome.

Still with me? Onto Day 3. Allons-y!

New Zealand. What beautiful landscapes. No wonder Peter Jackson filmed parts of Lord of the Rings there. New Zealand is one country I want to visit one day. And now I want to cycle there while learning the nuances of their beautiful accent and culture.

My trainer did a “red light, green light” interval training with me, challenging me to build up my endurance and strength. He advised “You can have results, or you can have excuses. But you can’t have both.” Sing it, fella!

At the end of the trail, he took me to the birthplace of bungee jumping as a fun reward: Kawarau Bridge. A bungee jumping was even in progress when we arrived, fancy that.

Overall it was a swell ride and I can feel my muscles becoming stronger. And the fact that I’m reading this mentally with a New Zealander accent must mean I was very tuned into my trainer’s instructions, right? Right.

Stay spinning and stay writing. See you tomorrow for day four. Ker-kaw! 🇳🇿




3 thoughts on “Author: October Cycling Challenge–New Zealand (Day 3/31)🚴‍♀️”

    1. Sure thing. The photos are from my phone; I simply take screenshots using the power button. The screenshot function probably from phone model to phone model. The iFit app syncs to my phone using Bluetooth. Take the stats with a grain of salt–i don’t think they’re always accurate.

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