Exercise Challenges

Author: October Cycling Challenge–Switzerland 🇨🇭 (Day 5/31)

Oh, Geneva, Switzerland. You are beautiful. I was following my iFit trainer around, listening to him talk about the history of Geneva, the science being tested underground for particle physics, and the explosives built into the bridges we were passing under semi-regularly.  Apparently each bridge had some explosions purposely built inside. War breaks out? Down go the bridges and your enemy’s logistics are severely impeded, or so seemed the idea to me.đź’Ł

Oh, iFit. You do love to remind me of my mortality. Onto Day 5–a whole hand!

Today was a recuperation day, an easier ride to give my body a rest and flush out the “exhaust” of the week’s workouts, as my trainer described it as. I have a difficult time resting sometimes, when I feel there’s so much to do. Battling against unrealistic expectations of society is a struggle for us all, and I would humbly suggest, women have a few unique expectations thrown on top of that as well.

Switzerland is landlocked, but managed to stay out of two world wars. It’s the site where people come to rest, find solace, see vineyards and find reconcilation or resolutions of some type. I admire that; I admire the peacemakers of the world. Anyone can throw gasoline on a fire, but it takes a special type of person to fix broken things. A deep patience and a steady mind.

Join me tomorrow for Day 6. Ker-kaw!🇨🇭


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