Exercise Challenges

Author: October Cycling Challenge–Utah 🌵 (Day 6/31)

I repeated a workout today accidentally, but it was fortuitous: the workout was easier this time around, went quicker and I was reminded of Nicole’s (the iFit trainer’s) encouraging words: “You are an athlete.” I can feel my body building endurance already and my recovery is becoming a bit quicker. And we’re just under a week into the challenge. High fives for everyone.🤚

It’s been a good experience so far, pedaling around on my bike. The saint and I are already toying around with the idea of mountain biking. I think I’ve found a new hobby and a way to take care of my body.

How was your Sunday? Have a good weekend? Stay strong and fit, my little Arcians. We’ll see you tomorrow for Day 7. Join me if you have a stationary bike, wouldn’t you? Ker-kaw! 🦉🚴‍♀️


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