Today marks three weeks! Hip, hip–hooray! And today’s spot was Barcelona, specifically along the Les Ferreres Aqueduct trail. We did 3:1 intervals around five times (I lost track). This means three minutes of fast pedaling, one minute rest. I worked up quite a sweat. 💦

With a three minute warm up and a four minute cool down, I got my thirty minutes. I hit the showers like the sweaty champ I am and will be eating veggie fajitas with my mermaid fin blanket like a true little athlete. 😉🧜

Join me tomorrow for Day 22. Ker-kaw! 🚴‍♀️


3 Comments on “Author: October Cycling Challenge– Barcelona, Spain (Day 21/31)🇪🇸🚴‍♀️

    • Lol 😂. I hope they have tacos in Spain. I once asked a waiter at a Cuban restaurant of they had tacos and I got a big sigh. “No, that’s Mexican food, senorita.” What, you guys are neighbors and don’t exchange recipes? C’mon now.

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