Exercise Challenges

Author: October Cycling Challenge– Chamonix, France (Day 31/31) 🗻🗡️

Hear ye, hear ye. 📯Today marks Day 31 of 31 of the October cycling and writing challenge. To finish the challenge, I visited the hills around the Matterhorn and killed, nay, slayed the hills. I declare this challenge a success. 🥳

For November, I’m doing another self-challenge. However, I think I’ll summarize the week and post a weekly blog instead of daily. What do you think?

Things I learned:

  • I don’t believe in writer’s block as people traditionally seem to put it, as some immortal enemy pricking at the souls of writers. I picture it more as wandering around in hallways or being behind a wall of ice. Eventually you’ll find your way out or through. For me, the saint helped me get back on track with my novel. Just give it time and patience. You cannot force these things.
  • The cycling got easier, became more fun and time passed more quickly the more I did it. It no longer became a chore to do every night.
  • Rest days are necessary and are just as important as workout days. Your body needs time to repair muscles and to build a stronger, healthier you. Let it do it.
  • Kia kaha is Māori (the original, indigenous language of New Zealand, I believe) for “stay strong.” My trainer taught me that today. I’m really geeked. 🤓

So kia kaha, fellow writers. I also ordered my reward for finishing my challenge. I’ll get it in a week or two. Want to see? Let me know in the comments. Cheers!



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