I ran out of time yesterday, so I doubled up my biking today. One hour and a few extra minutes for eating junk food yesterday. It was a weak moment.Β  Go team. πŸ˜πŸ‘

So anyway, what about those Peacock People I mentioned in my snazzy title? Well, grab a corner of the rug and I’ll tell you. Have you ever had a conversation with someone where they’re half venting to you (listening to themselves more than sharing turns talking…) and they begin listing off negative qualities or behaviors of another person or entity? I’ll string some examples together for you:

“They act so sure of themselves. They like to make a big deal out of everything they do. They’re really disorganized: they have a total lack of respect. They have some real mental health issues; they need to get some help. They should listen to me. They’re overweight, that’s for sure. Their kids are really spoiled.” And my personal favorite “I would never do x, but if I did do x, it would be okay because I’m a special magical unicorn fairy.”

And you sit there, either hiding a smirk or staring in disbelief. You half wonder if you should bring up the evidence against them but wonder if it would be like talking to the wind: here and gone again. The guy in the dusty sandals had it right about the speck in your own eye. The more things change…

“You’re describing yourself, you big gallumping buffoon!” you want to declare.

And those are Peacock People. A very close cousin to Me Monsters. Have you met either? Give us a comment below if you have.

I’m off to a show tonight. See you tomorrow for Day 8!


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