I have a statue of a witch that I keep in a corner of my writing room. She was the last statue in a display of marked down Halloween items I found earlier this year. I thought she was well designed in her black and glittering robes and her tall, pointy sloped hat. Her features were gnarled and realistic. Love at first sight.

Over time, however, she actually began to scare me. It was usually when I had just finished reading a good ghost story or I began hearing the creaks of our house that sound like footsteps. Overactive writer’s imagination, you know.

I started to picture her appearing next to me while I was on my bike with my back turned to her, or creeping up to me while I was working at my desk and she was in my periphery. I began considering putting her in storage until Halloween, or until the year 2080. But then I realized something. I write horror, don’t I? Perhaps I need something that scares me a little in my writing room…

So the witch has stayed, giving me that little piece of fright that I need to refresh my mind and writing. It gives me a jolt and the respect I need for the genre. There’s a lot of bad horror out there and the witch reminds me to steer clear of easy plot lines or one dimensional evil.

But don’t worry. She’s harmless, really. Biding her time from her corner of the room is all. Calculating, patient. She’s very quiet now that I think about it. Ahem…

Life got busy the past few days so I’m catching up on Blogmasing; same with biking. Any other horror authors that have a similar item in their writing rooms? Let me know below.

Happy writing, Arcians. Consider sharing one of my blogs you like on your page to help us grow. We’re nearly to 250 subscribers and I’d like to see us get to 300. Cheers! ✏️


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