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Author: Saying “Bye” and New Adventures 🧭

In my personal life, I am starting a new chapter. I am beginning a new job next month after some much needed rest and some self care. It’s quite a change in the grand scheme of things for this little millennial girl, but I am up for the challenge and adventure. I go with God; I go with grace. He is walking with me.

My word of the year is fortitude. I’ve been carrying it around with me, next to my mint tea bags, Pokeballs and chapstick. It’s been difficult saying goodbye to people at work. But I’m remembering I’m saying hello to others.

I included a few songs that have been sticking with me lately. The first video has an epilepsy warning at the beginning so please enjoy the other two if that’s you.

And just to be clear, I’m still writing and doing this blog. Happy writing! 😊✏️

20 thoughts on “Author: Saying “Bye” and New Adventures 🧭”

    1. The six I’m allowed to carry with me at a time per official Pokemon League rules and regulations would include Togepi, Eevee (Espeon), Growlithe, Null, Pikachu and Pidgey possibly. Hmm, at one time I had this all figured out. Decisions.

      1. I think this is the song. Enjoy! 😊

        Yes there are many episodes. I only watched the original, first series back in the day. The number of Pokemon appeared to explode after that haha.

      2. That’s it! Enjoy to your heart’s content. 😘😊 Then you can whip out a verse of ten Pokemon with some dance moves and surprise your grandson. 😁😁😁😂 And then carry on as if you did nothing extraordinary. 😉

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