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Author: Weekend Warrior (Humor | Upcycling Projects)🎨

I’ve been working on some projects lately around our house and in our yard. My wonderful little brain is brimming with lots of ideas and I’m starting to work on them all. Here’s a few I’d like to share.

Project One: The Flower Box



This box came with the house, along with the metal brackets that are underneath. It was originally white and had some early stages of rotting happening. There was also a faint, ghost image of a ribbon on the front, from long, long ago… 🎀 It bled every so often. You just walked past it, very quickly, with your head down. Don’t make eye contact.

Very spooky.

The wood was probably older than me, and the brackets were rusted and not too visually appealing. I sanded, spray painted and called in a priest. Many layers of paint and some stenciling later and…voila! Upcycling at its finest. We also put fresh, organic potting soil inside and donated the old dirt to a museum for preservation and research. Science, you know.

Project Two: The Splenderific Shed


This one is still in progress. I painted a wall of our shed today (it needs another coat, but hooray for steps of progress). I plan to do a small mural on it, or stencils. I’m considering buying an overhead projector, so I can make exactly what I want on it (which may or may not be Totoros…).

As you can see, the paint was starting to wear at the bottom and not look so great. All last winter, when I drove to work, I glanced back at our shed and tightened my hands on the steering wheel, white knuckling. “SOON,” I promised myself. “I will slay the beast!” And so I am. And so I am…

Project Three: The Icky Icky Benches

Prepare yourself. This is pretty disgusting. These two benches also came with our house and were clearly forgotten about. Please note the Silent Hill rust, the blooms of unknown mold and tints of mildew. Tres gross.  The typical person would probably have throw them out. Not me. I like to fix things and reuse items that are perfectly fine, with a bit of work. Reduce, reuse, recycle. ♻️ 

Not pictured are new wooden boards I’m sanding down and painting. The wood will be the same color as the shed. These may or may not get stenciled, too. The metal frames are being spray painted the same color as the brackets for the flower box.

The old wood was beginning to rot and with all the mold blooms on it, we thought it safer to start with fresh wood in this instance. I’ll try to put pictures of the finished benches later, but here’s some in-progress shots.


And there you have it. Have you been working on any projects? Leave yours in the comments below. Happy DIY and upcycling!


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  1. I’ve been making some online appearances. Two weeks ago I did an interview with Chat & Spin Radio (they’re looking for more published authors to do interviews!), and this week I’m scheduled to appear Live on Twitter as part of the Our Own Write virtual book tour.

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