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Author: August Sabbatical

I will be taking August 2021 off from my blog and other media to focus on finishing my second novel, GOTD. I hope everyone is well and wish them happy writing. Here is a great video, fellow author Michelle Schusterman posted recently for how she writes when she doesn’t want to write, or doesn’t quite feel up to the task. I highly recommend it … Read More Author: August Sabbatical


Millennial Girl & Pricks of Mortality

“Since someone in your family had breast cancer before the age of 50, and you’re turning (jackhammer and car horns) soon, I’m going to have you start doing two mammograms a year–for the rest of your life! Does that sound good to you, you little dreamer?”* Oh, the prick of mortality on this little millennial’s soul. I stumbled out to the waiting room to … Read More Millennial Girl & Pricks of Mortality


Free Virtual Writer’s Conference: “Find Your Readers” (July 24 – 27th)

I received an e-mail from a YouTuber Author I follow and wanted to pass along the following information for a free* Writer’s Conference starting this Saturday. I’ll be attending a few sessions myself. Hope this is helpful and feel free to share with your fellow writing pals. Cheers! To register/find out more, click here: *There is an option for a paid reservation, which … Read More Free Virtual Writer’s Conference: “Find Your Readers” (July 24 – 27th)