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Dusty Corners & Humility (Humor)

I’ve been wandering around the dusty corners of life, keeping my corner of the universe as tidy as I can, re-adapting to the daily commute and being back in an office environment full of gaggling coworkers and a few non-gaggling ones as well. I was luckily able to work remotely during the pandemic, but now it’s all hands on deck, Delta variant be darned … Read More Dusty Corners & Humility (Humor)


Silly Tales & Incidentals, Dah’ling: A Tale

Left a candle burning. Overnight. Lived to tell the tale. Put the kettle on the stove to boil. Promptly forgot about said kettle. Once saintly husband found it, half the water had been boiled out. Smacked face into tree limb while on riding lawnmower. Had to explain to dentist at my appointment that the “tree limb incident” was perhaps the reason why I was … Read More Silly Tales & Incidentals, Dah’ling: A Tale


The People of Excuseville (Five Minute Snarky Humor)

There is a land called Excuseville. A tiny village rather, that’s growing larger all the time. You can visit, you know, but do come with a ready handbag full of excuses. When in Rome, and all that. “I’m so sorry. I would have been here on time, but you see–I couldn’t find my shoes this morning and a bird landed in my breakfast cereal. … Read More The People of Excuseville (Five Minute Snarky Humor)