Works in Progress

“For some people, it’s a pleasure to drown. They only wish to sit and wait quietly for something to happen. And then they shriek like the devil himself when anyone tries to interfere…”

There is a certain mansion and grounds tucked away in Kentucky, an estate that was built prior to the American Civil War. Balustrade Manor and Park was bequeathed unexpectedly to a young woman, Blair Crimson, who shares the family name but little else through her adopted family.  She finds herself wrenched between the worlds of those who live and those who have died, worlds that exist in the mansion as delicately as stacked layers of thin paper. Blair must find a way to defend her ownership of Balustrade and become its rightful steward, securing it as a resting place for souls deterring and awaiting their final judgement.

This is a story that lurches the reader to Hell itself–all while discovering the one, primary rule that governs everyone in the game: deceit.

GOTD (title given in acronym until publication) is my second novel, which I hope to finish before Summer 2021 and begin submitting to publishers then. I hope you’ll give it a read and wander around in Balustrade.