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A.R. Clayton is an American writer who independently published her first horror novel, Memory Bound, in October 2018. Peregrine Arc is a platform she created to support her publication dreams. Genres include primarily horror at the moment, but she has dabbled in other literature forms including fantasy and science fiction.

Literature themes that resonate with her include Christianity, the ancient war between good and evil, adversity and resilience, crime, the human story, and figures appearing mysteriously in windows. Her dog, Ru, insists on featuring in each novel.

The author wishes other writers out there happy writing journeys and encouragement. Stay resilient.


Clayton, A.R. The Mermaid and the Yellow Jellyfish. Fae Corps Publishing. To be released December 2022. (Fantasy, Children’s book.)

Clayton, A.R. The Letter.” Published in Darkness Screams: Whisper Quiet by Fae Corps Publishing. 15 October 2022. (Horror, short story. For a sneak peak, read here.)

Clayton, A.R. “Patiently Awaiting the Door.” Of Horror and Hope, collated by Lee Murray and Angela Yuriko Smith for the HWA Wellness Committee, 2022, pp 18-19. (Horror, poem.)

Clayton, A.R. Memory Bound. Peregrine Arc, 2018. (Horror, novel.)


Clayton, A.R. “Author Spotlight A.R. Clayton.” Fae Corps Publishing, Fae Corps Inc. 3 June 2022. https://faecorpspublishing.org/2022/06/03/author-spotlight-a-r-clayton/

Contributing/Guest Articles

Clayton, A.R. “Bumping Along the Journey | Newbie Blog Spotlight.” Jenniely. 30 January 2019.*

Clayton, A.R. “A NEW ADDITION TO THE U.L.S., THE UNDERGROUND LIBRARY SOCIETY: ASHLEY CLAYTON AND HER BOOK OF CHOICE, JANE EYRE.” Charles French Words Reading and Writing: An Exploration of Reading and Writing. 5 June 2021. https://charlesfrenchonwordsreadingandwriting.wordpress.com/2021/06/05/a-new-addition-to-the-u-l-s-the-underground-library-society-ashley-clayton-and-her-book-of-choice-jane-eyre/

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Horror Writer’s Association. Member April 2022 – Dec 2022.