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Like An Anchor Study Guide: The Beatitudes available for preorder and ARC

To my readers: please check out an upcoming Bible study guide on The Beatitudes by Marissa from Like An Anchor. I’ve read Marissa’s blogs throughout the years and it’s always been a refreshing spot of light and love on the internet. I’ll be reading this and giving it a review as well, so stay tuned for that sometime in June.

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In Christ,
A.R. Clayton

Like An Anchor

I’m so very excited to announce that the first book in my Like An Anchor Study Guide series is available for preorder. The Beatitudes releases on June 22nd, and you can order an ebook copy now. If you’d rather have a print copy, then you’ll need to wait until June 22nd to order it (for some reason I can’t set up a preorder option for print books).

This book has been a labor of love for several months now and I’m so happy I can finally share it with you all. If you read my blog series on The Beatitudes that started back in September of last year, then you’ve already seen the first draft of this book. The Study Guide version expands on those posts in each chapter and includes discussion/journaling prompts. The book also has a brand new introduction and conclusion, as well as scripture lists with each…

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