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Seasons of Writing & Novel Snippet

I’ve been in a particularly busy season of my life for the past few years. There’s been some respite and solace, but overall everything’s been at a steady, enduring clip. As things shift and change, I’m starting to realign my time and focus on my personal goals: writing and exercise among them. I’m also volunteering and becoming involved in activities that support my growth and refill my cup. As an introvert, this is a careful balance. Remember my formula? One hour of socializing = one year of hibernation. And yes, I’m still in the red.  But it’s less crimson and more of a happy, candy apple red now…

My main character in my novel I’m finishing has schizophrenia. I wrote her intentionally this way as I wanted mental illness represented. I’ve reached out to a couple YouTubers I watch who share their experiences living with schizophrenia for feedback. One replied favorably.  I’m attempting to make the novel as realistic as possible, even though it’s fictional with a bit of fantastical thrown into the plot.

Here’s a novel snippet. Let me know what you think in the comments below and if you’d be interested in reading the rest.

Cheers and happy writing.

novel snippet_bigger


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