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The “Crazy Caption Contest”: Week 1 Winner

Well the saint and I debated, discussed, diatribed, dialogued and considered the benefits and annoyances of alliteration. We had laughter, pensive consideration and vigorous thumb wars.

Each entry made us laugh and it was hard choosing a winner. Some were amazingly descriptive, others quick and witty. Thank you all for entering and please enter again. We loved laughing together and you are a creative bunch. Let’s spread the gift of humor.

Without further ado, I’ve listed the winner below and an honorable mention. The other entries appear below this in order of entry.


Winning entry:

Treuly Tomell

I felt his presence before I saw him through the mist. His dark form pierced the fog like a knife. Did he see me? Did he know I was here? Should I chance it? Fear crept into my being as I frantically called out in the night, “Just going to the bathroom! I’ll be done in a minute!”

Comments: Bathroom humor. We both loved this and how well everything was written. It was our mutual favorite after many a thumb war. Congrats!

Honorable Mention:


This is quite obviously a cover for an 80s rock band release album featuring “The Alien Ex That Won’t Let Go” 🤣

Comments: I died. I really did. Don’t worry, I’m back alive and writing. Well done.

And here are the rest. 😊


I looked in the mirror and scared myself. 😱


And so it was that Thrant, greatest of them all, found himself staring helplessly through the semi-opaque walls of The Overworld. He’d reached the gate and found the human-shaped keyhole; but, in that moment, realized he’d left the key back home. A hundred thousand dectars away.

Bladud Fleas

The Earthling Exhibit at the Zoo on Planet Thark proved very popular but visitors had to be reminded NOT TO TOUCH THE GLASS!

Communication between other worlds was nearly impossible but on a morning like this, Brad deduced the alien was desperate for a pair of warm mittens.

Seeing the creature had opposable thumbs came as a relief to Brad: he had a bad back and one of his shoelaces had just come undone.


“Look, Phil. Your pawn is lost in the woods. You see mine hiding behind that tree with an ax? Of course you don’t. And so doesn’t your human.”
Phil looked at the board game they were playing, and realized that it was soon to be over.


Didn’t you know there were aliens out there? 🙂

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