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A Day of Return and Repentance (Blog Share | Marissa Baker)

Please check out Marissa’s latest blog on Shabbat Shuvah. Very timely article and write-up for me, and for anyone really. I copied/pasted a snippet below that Marissa wrote, since WordPress Share doesn’t appear to be working for me at the moment. Cheers to you on your journeys with God and happy reading. May we continue to encourage each other in our walks of faith, … Read More A Day of Return and Repentance (Blog Share | Marissa Baker)


Blog Share: “Shall We Get Dressed?”

Hop over to Mike Nevin’s great blog and get a dose of humor, mixed with some very good medicine indeed. Hit that subscribe button at “Shall We Get Dressed Now?” and tell him I sent you over. Cheers.

Victorian Monsters

Originally posted on Andrew McDowell:
I’ve always been a fan of horror fiction, and every October I watch scary movies all month long. During my first semester at St. Mary’s College, I took a Freshman Seminar called Victorian Monsters and Modern Monstrosities. Professor Jennifer Cognard-Black introduced us (we came to be known as “Marvelous Monsters”) to six archetypes. With each we read a corresponding literary classic:…