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Blog Share: “Shall We Get Dressed?”

Hop over to Mike Nevin’s great blog and get a dose of humor, mixed with some very good medicine indeed. Hit that subscribe button at “Shall We Get Dressed Now?” and tell him I sent you over. Cheers.


Millennial Girl & Pricks of Mortality

“Since someone in your family had breast cancer before the age of 50, and you’re turning (jackhammer and car horns) soon, I’m going to have you start doing two mammograms a year–for the rest of your life! Does that sound good to you, you little dreamer?”* Oh, the prick of mortality on this little millennial’s soul. I stumbled out to the waiting room to … Read More Millennial Girl & Pricks of Mortality


Dusty Corners & Humility (Humor)

I’ve been wandering around the dusty corners of life, keeping my corner of the universe as tidy as I can, re-adapting to the daily commute and being back in an office environment full of gaggling coworkers and a few non-gaggling ones as well. I was luckily able to work remotely during the pandemic, but now it’s all hands on deck, Delta variant be darned … Read More Dusty Corners & Humility (Humor)