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Author: August Sabbatical

I will be taking August 2021 off from my blog and other media to focus on finishing my second novel, GOTD. I hope everyone is well and wish them happy writing. Here is a great video, fellow author Michelle Schusterman posted recently for how she writes when she doesn’t want to write, or doesn’t quite feel up to the task. I highly recommend it … Read More Author: August Sabbatical


Free Virtual Writer’s Conference: “Find Your Readers” (July 24 – 27th)

I received an e-mail from a YouTuber Author I follow and wanted to pass along the following information for a free* Writer’s Conference starting this Saturday. I’ll be attending a few sessions myself. Hope this is helpful and feel free to share with your fellow writing pals. Cheers! To register/find out more, click here: https://summit.findyournextreader.com/?sc=BHj5NMKx&ac=EEtPBJEt *There is an option for a paid reservation, which … Read More Free Virtual Writer’s Conference: “Find Your Readers” (July 24 – 27th)


Poetry-Photo Book Review: “Sheep on the Somme” (WWI Australia)

Looking at war photos with poems being whispered to you by ghosts amongst the mud… This is a book you take your time with, a companion you turn to to hear another one of their stories. It’s like sitting in a train car and hearing your companion, a stranger to you before this day, open a tome of history you’ve probably heard very little … Read More Poetry-Photo Book Review: “Sheep on the Somme” (WWI Australia)