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Author: Stay at Home Book TagπŸ‘πŸ“š

This book tag was created by Princess of Paperback on YouTube. I found it on Books, Baking and Blogging. I’m not quite to the point of my YouTube channel being up and running yet, so I’m doing a blog. Consider yourself tagged if you’d like; my answers are below. 🌹 I provided links for all my books in case you’re interested in checking them … Read More Author: Stay at Home Book TagπŸ‘πŸ“š


Blogmas Day 19: “10 Reasons Why I Love Reading” (Humor | Indie Author) πŸ“šπŸ“–

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“Welcome to Day 16 of Blogmas 2018. Mr. Swinebottom is taking a day off today. So grab your chestnut roasting pan and let’s begin!” Special thanks to our friend for today’s Blogmas idea! You rock. 10 Reasons Why I Love Reading 1. Books are time machines. Go anywhere in the world, anywhere in time. Experience it all, the good and the…


Author: The Art of Observing Liars

One hobby I’ve developed is watching–and learning–when people lie. Writers are good observers, I believe, and we often become magpies of human behavior. We sit, we listen, we take the stimuli in and sort through it, stacking the dainty treasures into our writing closet to pick ideas from later. The collection is our mermaid cove of dainty human curiosities…