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HWA: “Of Horror and Hope” Mental Health Initiative Anthology (& My Poem)

My poem, “Patiently Awaiting the Door”, was recently accepted for the Horror Writer’s Association (HWA) “Of Horror and Hope” Anthology for their Mental Health Initiative. My poem was featured in a June 3rd blog article as part of their thirty days of promotion on the HWA website and can be found here.

I wanted to thank HWA for hosting this event and promoting such an important topic. If you’d like to read the full anthology (for free), the direct link can be found here.

Thank you and happy writing everyone.

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Blog Share: +The Truth of Time – live on SpillWords — Frank Prem Poetry

I mentioned yesterday that my poem – The Truth of Time – was to be published on the SpillWords (Spillwords.com) site. I’m delighted to share the link to the poem, which is now live. I won’t say more about the poem – which I’ve discussed here before – other than that it is accompanied by […]

The Truth of Time – live on SpillWords — Frank Prem Poetry

I listen to Frank’s poetry readings from time to time, including when I’m doing the dishes or needing to focus. Highly recommend his (many) books and giving his blog and YouTube channel a follow. Tell him I sent you.

Take care.

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I Walked Into a Room

I walked into a room today
Inside there were many windows, looking out into other places far away.
But their imagery was so clear and pristine,
I might’ve walked inside and joined them.

In one room, hexagonal in shape, were two oxen
yoked together, pulling at each other, striving to knock the other down.
They trampled their partner, knifing one another with their hooves.
The yoke split and harpooned
Casting a bloodied silhouette of victory onto the wall.
I left, easing myself away from the entry way.
As the bloodied beast passed me by.