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I Walked Into a Room

I walked into a room todayInside there were many windows, looking out into other places far away.But their imagery was so clear and pristine,I might’ve walked inside and joined them. In one room, hexagonal in shape, were two oxenyoked together, pulling at each other, striving to knock the other down.They trampled their partner, knifing one another with their hooves.The yoke split and harpoonedCasting a … Read More I Walked Into a Room


Wolf Ear: A Free Write (Poetry)

Wolf Ear We have the wolf by the ear and we mean to keep it.It is not our error, it’s theirs–we see clearly in our broken mirror. They who so callously rejoice to higher concepts than they think we possessWe who hold all the answers with our rod and staff, we ignite the stars and drown them! We are like two weights in the … Read More Wolf Ear: A Free Write (Poetry)


Poem free write: When You Were Young

Just a free write. Enjoy.