Release Day: “Darkness Screams” Horror Anthology (“The Letter”)

Hello cats, kittens and those who wear mittens. Today is the official release day of Fae Corps’ “Darkness Screams” Anthology. My short story, “The Letter”, appears in Whisper Quiet. It’s a story about a young man who is desperately trying to manage an estate after the untimely death of both his parents and (more recently) his younger sister. He receives a misrouted letter written by his sister, several weeks after her death. In it, she confesses to grave mistakes she made in her last months while alive. At a gala the brother holds, an unwelcomed visitor arrives, asking him about the letter. The visitor know too much about his sister’s last days and actions, and warns the protagonist of lasting consequences…Oh, the shivers.

If you’re looking for a spooky ready this Halloween season, the order links are below (physical copy and e-copy). If you give it a read, reviews and shares are free and heartily appreciated.

Happy Spooky Season.

Order Links:
Darkness Screams: Whisper Quiet (“The Letter” appears here)
Darkness Screams: Howling Deep

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Darkness Screams Anthology: Available for Pre-Order

My short story, The Letter, will appear in the upcoming anthology Darkness Screams: Whisper Quiet. If you are interested in ordering a copy of either anthology (Whisper Quiet or Howling Deep), the links are down below. I have also included the other authors and artists who are involved and contributed their pieces. 🙂

Thank you and happy writing!

Darkness Screams: Whisper Quiet by Fae Corps Publishing, A.R. Clayton, Christopher Weston, Ernesto Canepa, Jennifer Elliot, Michael Guzman, Quintin Peterson, Patricia Harris, Serena Mossgraves, Sergio Palumbo, Raz T. Slasher, Ruan Bradford Wright, Vonnie Winslow Cris

Darkness Screams: Howling Deep by Fae Corps Publishing, Abigail Hilyard, Christopher Weston, Jennifer Elliot, Jonathan Degler, Katie Marie, Keely Messino, Linda Chambers, Patricia Harris, Raz T. Slasher, Ruan Bradford Wright, Tish MacWebber, Vonnie Winslow Crist

Brief Humor & Check-Ins, Short Stories & Poetry

Darkness Screams Anthology: October 2022 release date

I have been accepted into the Darkness Screams anthology through Fae Corps for my short horror story, “The Letter.” This anthology will be released around Halloween 2022. More information to come, including with preorder links for those who are interested in snagging their own copy. Stay tuned for more details.

Happy writing all!