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Author: A Quiet Look at ERs (Free Write) 🏥

“Hello. Is this is the ER check-in desk?” The attendant looks up; I expect her to say something like “No, this is the Clown and Circus Motorcycle Club. You want down the hall and to the left, pass the screaming banshee who met with an unfortunate accident, but before the cafeteria and gift shop.” I get a nod instead. I take a breath and … Read More Author: A Quiet Look at ERs (Free Write) 🏥


Happy Thanksgiving: From A Horror Author (Humor/Serious)

Happy Thanksgiving from me at Peregrine Arc. Let’s all slaughter a bird, sit down, and talk. We’ll clamor, and yammer and pass the dressings all ’round, while we hide our Christmas lists and gain twenty more pounds.


Flash Fiction: Yellow Tent for Sale

Join up at Carrot Ranch for this week’s prompt from Charli. Her story is especially poignant and thought provoking this week. America does not take care of its veterans.