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Poetry-Photo Book Review: “Sheep on the Somme” (WWI Australia)

Looking at war photos with poems being whispered to you by ghosts amongst the mud… This is a book you take your time with, a companion you turn to to hear another one of their stories. It’s like sitting in a train car and hearing your companion, a stranger to you before this day, open a tome of history you’ve probably heard very little … Read More Poetry-Photo Book Review: “Sheep on the Somme” (WWI Australia)


Happy International Women’s Day

Just a quick note to say Happy International Women’s Day. Take a moment to celebrate, remember and honor the women in your life. We are many, and we are mighty. 🌹 Happy writing.

Victorian Monsters

Originally posted on Andrew McDowell:
I’ve always been a fan of horror fiction, and every October I watch scary movies all month long. During my first semester at St. Mary’s College, I took a Freshman Seminar called Victorian Monsters and Modern Monstrosities. Professor Jennifer Cognard-Black introduced us (we came to be known as “Marvelous Monsters”) to six archetypes. With each we read a corresponding literary classic:…