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Indie Author Musings & Next Book: “Excuse Me, May I Pass?”

I live in a society where competition is regarded as the norm, cooperation something as secondary. The helpers or behind the scenes persons are often just as described, behind the stages and included in the “menial mentions” at parties. The “winners” are trained to take all the credit and glory. If they remember a few names at an event to thank, it may qualify for a miracle…

America is based on capitalism and many of its citizens, I believe, worship money and power over any idea of a god or higher being. Christianity may be the prominent religion, but it’s only followed in name by most. They consider it a checkbox tick to make sure they can do what they want and still get into heaven.* They rack up masses and sermons on weekends and do whatever they want Monday through Friday.

There is no submission, no “the last will be first” understanding. If we want people to donate to charities, charities set up in the first place because of the inequalities of capitalism, donors have to be persuaded by tax breaks. Their pictures have to be taken. Big faux cardboard checks on the front page of newspapers is a must. Get twenty votes in the bag and “democracy” moves on.

This is all fodder boiling in my mind for my next book: TGOTD. If you follow my blog, you know I only give initials of my book until it’s close to publication.

The novel slid into place today with an audible click as someone thanked me for asking if I could pass her in line. There was another available cashier in front of her and I wanted to see if she was going to change her mind and go first. She was astounded I had asked. She was used to competition, people jumping over one another to get their resources first.

Let the games begin.

*To be clear, this is not how it works. God is not stupid. But many people I’ve met seem to think so.

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