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Sunday’s Sunny Skies…


A beautiful, timely reminder is included in this blog by Steve and Muffin.

Steve`s Country

Sunday’s sunny skies…suddenly disappear beneath the gray clouds.  Many more birds are arriving from the south but unfortunately are staying just out of range for any good photos.  But I keep trying.  Like in all things, it’s necessary to keep trying even if not successful at first.  Don’t give up because of minor, or what might even seem to be a major, setback.  Keep pushing ahead until the goal is reached.  Many people give up too soon, just another little try might be all that is needed for that success.

IMG_3182 One of my female squirrels. I’m going to need to name these critters.

There really is a lot of birds around this afternoon.  I keep stopping my writing to go out and get some pictures only to come back in with nothing.  Just one of those days.  Perhaps tomorrow that perfect picture will be right there in front of me. …

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