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“I Read Banned Books”: Claim Your Free Sticker & Bookmarker

I do not support the banning of books in schools regarding the Holocaust, America’s history of slavery or other so called “controversial” topics the right wing in America is attacking. This is a dangerous act of war against learning, history and the education of future generations. We will not literally “white”-wash our history and dim the truth of evils humans have committed. I will not follow the pied piper of a right wing movement, one causing immense divides and sowing lie after lie into people’s minds. I urge you to read, read widely and ask questions. ALWAYS ASK QUESTIONS. Do not become rootbound.

The link for more information and ordering can be found here: https://act.moveon.org/survey/read-banned-books-sticker-bookmark/?t=1&akid=316735%2E38912479%2E0dHzCO

Thank you and Happy Reading.

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