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Author: Weekend Warrior (Humor | Upcycling Projects)🎨

I’ve been working on some projects lately around our house and in our yard. My wonderful little brain is brimming with lots of ideas and I’m starting to work on them all. Here’s a few I’d like to share.

Author: Autism & Down Syndrome College Roomies (SBSK)✏️

Whenever I’ve had a particularly trying day, Special Kids Special Books (SBSK) puts the wind back into my sails. The youth and adults who Chris and his partner interview on their YouTube channel are amazing and full of life. I’ve learned so much and have been humbled at every turn. These people are warriors. So if you’ve had a crummy day, or can’t quite … Read More Author: Autism & Down Syndrome College Roomies (SBSK)✏️

Author: CK Productions Super Mario Maker Logic IRL 2 (YT Share)

CK Productions is one of my favorite YouTube channels to follow. Check them out and enjoy.  ☺️👍 I love dorky, independently made videos like these.