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“I Read Banned Books”: Claim Your Free Sticker & Bookmarker

I do not support the banning of books in schools regarding the Holocaust, America’s history of slavery or other so called “controversial” topics the right wing in America is attacking. This is a dangerous act of war against learning, history and the education of future generations. We will not literally “white”-wash our history and dim the truth of evils humans have committed. I will not follow the pied piper of a right wing movement, one causing immense divides and sowing lie after lie into people’s minds. I urge you to read, read widely and ask questions. ALWAYS ASK QUESTIONS. Do not become rootbound.

The link for more information and ordering can be found here: https://act.moveon.org/survey/read-banned-books-sticker-bookmark/?t=1&akid=316735%2E38912479%2E0dHzCO

Thank you and Happy Reading.

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Author: Weekend Warrior (Humor | Upcycling Projects)🎨

I’ve been working on some projects lately around our house and in our yard. My wonderful little brain is brimming with lots of ideas and I’m starting to work on them all. Here’s a few I’d like to share.

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Author: Autism & Down Syndrome College Roomies (SBSK)✏️

Whenever I’ve had a particularly trying day, Special Kids Special Books (SBSK) puts the wind back into my sails. The youth and adults who Chris and his partner interview on their YouTube channel are amazing and full of life. I’ve learned so much and have been humbled at every turn. These people are warriors.

So if you’ve had a crummy day, or can’t quite solve life’s latest questions, pop on some SBSK. Here’s two friends I met today, as Chris always refers to his interviewees.

Cheers and keep moving forward. Keep writing. ✏️