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Writing on egg shells’ – impact of online trolls [Blog Share]

I came across this blog today and wanted to pass on. This type of hate filled behavior is never acceptable, especially to those with disabilities. Take care all, and please advocate for one another.

Kerry Thompson - My Life, Kerry's Way.

When I started my blog, ‘My Life Kerry’s Way’, it never crossed my mind that I would receive negative or hateful comments just because I’m disabled and sharing my journey.

I am all for constructive criticism and will always welcome it. And criticism will always come with the territory. But how do you deal with comments that aren’t so much critical but more hateful!?

Why I started my blog

I have a rare form ofMuscular Dystrophy. It’s a progressive muscle wasting condition that affects my arm and leg muscles. As well as my heart and respiratory system. I have a power wheelchair that acts as my legs to be able to keep my independence. I rely heavily on the help of others to do…

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3 thoughts on “Writing on egg shells’ – impact of online trolls [Blog Share]”

  1. Wow I had no idea this was happening. I have never seen any troll comments in the time I have been on WordPress. If anything it is people scolding me for telling people I am disabled. “You can’t say that you should be saying I have a disability”. Such semantics.

      1. Yeah. I’ve come across that wording with disabled and people either rejecting it, tweaking it, or realigning it. I think it’s up to the individual with the disability, yeah? This also pops up in the Deaf community/Deaf culture as well.

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