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Author: Quick Social Media Update (New Accounts) 📷🐦

Just a quick note to say I created an Instagram and Twitter account. I’ve been encouraged by some of the nicer, authentic writers I’ve come across online who are serious about their work and have developed their own platforms. I hope this will help get my next WIP (GOTD) partnered with a publishing agency who falls in horror-love with the manuscript.

To be honest and transparent, I have a reluctant, love-hate relationship with social media; a lot of it seems fake, shallow and insincere to me. However, I realize there are good writers out there to be found and discover their own works and journeys. As long as I can continue to be authentic and encouraging to others on these platforms (as on this blog), I think it may be a good thing to take a chance on.

If you’d like to give me a follow, that’d be great. I hope you are well in this pandemic and that you continue to write and grow during these difficult times. God bless you and keep you.