The 8th Annual Halloweensie Contest (Entry)

If you’d like to enter, please check out the webpage here. My contest entry is below, all 100 words. Thanks for reading!

Shivers & Laughs

Once there was a ghost named Shiver. This ghost flew around his spooky castle, counting all the people he scared everyday.

One day a boy entered his castle, holding a stick. Shiver watched from behind a cauldron and prepared his best scare.

“Boo!” the ghost howled, flying down the staircase.

The boy turned around, tapping his stick.

“Hello,” the boy said, laughing. “Nice joke. I can’t see you, I’m blind. My mom sent me outside today to make friends. Wanna play?”

And there started the most unlikely of all friendships.

Author: Peregrine Arc

INTJ female writer setting out to become a published author of contemporary literature. Writing includes horror/mystery, young adult fantasy and science fiction. All opinions, mistakes and dog hair are my own. Thank you for joining me.

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