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Author: Music Inspirational Contest (My Entry) 🎶

Here’s my entry on my own writing prompt contest I opened up late last night. Directions are over here. Cheers.


Author: Terrible Poem About Love💚

Prepare yourself. Take a deep breath. This week’s Terrible Poetry Contest theme is love. My entry is below. Best of terrible luck to you. May the bard’s strings break and curl from hearing your poem. ___ The Green Love My love for you is like pickles, my dear You’re like a giant pickle yourself. Wrinkled, vinegary, tart and you make my mouth pucker But … Read More Author: Terrible Poem About Love💚


Terrible Poem: “Oh, I’m a Gonna Go!”🎶

Oh, I’m a Gonna Go! I’m a gonna go out where the wind durst blow Sand in my knickers and mud in my toes Where cow pies rightly disappear and the crickets eat them dangburned rusted bandoliers! Where the guns don’t get to shootin’, Where there’s no high brow falutin’ And everyone dances ’till half past three… If you need me, why that there … Read More Terrible Poem: “Oh, I’m a Gonna Go!”🎶