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Anthology Cover Reveal: Darkness Screams

My short story, “The Letter”, has been accepted into Fae Corp’s “Darkness Screams” anthology. The anthology will be published later this Fall (October 15th). The official cover reveals are below.

Feel free to follow Fae Corps for upcoming anthology or other opportunities they may post.

Happy writing everyone.

Contest Entries

Author: Terrible Poem About Love💚

Prepare yourself. Take a deep breath. This week’s Terrible Poetry Contest theme is love. My entry is below. Best of terrible luck to you. May the bard’s strings break and curl from hearing your poem.


The Green Love

My love for you is like pickles, my dear
You’re like a giant pickle yourself.
Wrinkled, vinegary, tart and you make my mouth pucker

But frogs, my dear–consider
Will never croak our love ballads out the way you do
Birds fall out of the sky, dead at your winsome, cat crying tones.

Screams! My love for you is but a ballad of curled beards
Curled like your toes made of mahogany wood
Oh my dear, I sigh in love
Like a dill pickle.

-A. R. Clayton