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Author: Music Inspirational Contest (My Entry) 🎶

Here’s my entry on my own writing prompt contest I opened up late last night. Directions are over here. Cheers.

Author: Music Inspirational Contest (Writing Prompt) 🎶

I’ve tried a few different writing prompt contests in the past. I took two of my favorite things and smushed them together this time: music and writing. So what are you waiting for? Take a stab at it, my friend. Let me know if you think this is fun and we can continue the jig. Let’s have some fun while becoming better writers. Cheers.


Terrible Poem: Bleak Mid-Winter❄️😴 (humor)

Let There Be Light I don’t mind the cold or that white stuff they call snow What I mind is the lack of light, if it’s forty days in a row. Something kicks in, some hibernational urge And I find myself laying in bed Snoring a symphonic dirge – A.R. Clayton Want to take a try? We’re here, cheering you on. Happy writing. ✏️