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“People Suck”, Compassion & Naivety: Thoughts

I was in a meeting for work once, years ago, when an associate shared a story from working at a children’s psychiatric care unit in a hospital. I believe she was in charge of intake and associated data collections with the children. She shared a story of parents leaving (see: dumping) their children at the hospital, apparently “done” with parenting and sick of dealing … Read More “People Suck”, Compassion & Naivety: Thoughts


Reblog Share: Chelsea’s “A Pregnancy Poem” (Motherhood Blog)

Originally posted on I Didn't Want to Be a Mother:
Sitting in the kitchen, Wond’ring at the food; Knowing I should eat some But I’m just not in the mood. Later, in the bathroom, Staring at my mien; Looking for The Pregnant Glow But only seeing sheen. Somehow I daily make it, Through a nause’us haze Knowing that it’s not that bad And…

Blogmas Day 9: “Deaf Culture Jokes & Skits” (Humor | Indie Author)

It’s a shorty but goodie here today. Please check out the below videos for three of my favorite Deaf Culture skits I’ve seen performed in American Sign Language (ASL). And yes, two are by the same person. Because he’s awesome. Learn a little about Deaf culture, Arcians. You’ll open doors of communication and be able to find new ways of cursing. I mean learning. … Read More Blogmas Day 9: “Deaf Culture Jokes & Skits” (Humor | Indie Author)