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I Walked Into a Room

I walked into a room todayInside there were many windows, looking out into other places far away.But their imagery was so clear and pristine,I might’ve walked inside and joined them. In one room, hexagonal in shape, were two oxenyoked together, pulling at each other, striving to knock the other down.They trampled their partner, knifing one another with their hooves.The yoke split and harpoonedCasting a … Read More I Walked Into a Room


Dusty Corners & Humility (Humor)

I’ve been wandering around the dusty corners of life, keeping my corner of the universe as tidy as I can, re-adapting to the daily commute and being back in an office environment full of gaggling coworkers and a few non-gaggling ones as well. I was luckily able to work remotely during the pandemic, but now it’s all hands on deck, Delta variant be darned … Read More Dusty Corners & Humility (Humor)


“People Suck”, Compassion & Naivety: Thoughts

I was in a meeting for work once, years ago, when an associate shared a story from working at a children’s psychiatric care unit in a hospital. I believe she was in charge of intake and associated data collections with the children. She shared a story of parents leaving (see: dumping) their children at the hospital, apparently “done” with parenting and sick of dealing … Read More “People Suck”, Compassion & Naivety: Thoughts