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Creativity Contest: The Time Machine Sewing Machine (Closed)

Last week you were told you were the new owner of an antique hotel. You’re hoping to rehabilitate the hotel back to its glory days and are doing what projects you can do to save money. In the middle of cleaning one day, you find a mysterious packet of letters, love letters, with no dust or grime on them, nestled in a cubby hole behind the front desk. And were those voices you heard from the pages as you ruffled through them? Check the comments of that entry to see what everyone did with those letters…

For this week’s prompt, we’re time traveling. Our ship? An antique sewing machine with one of those metal foot pedals.

You’re house sitting, you clever thing, and that means free food and free access to most rooms of the house. What a luxurious job. One day, a button falls off your shirt and rolls under the attic door. With a couple of grunts and oofs, you manage to open the door. And what do you find? Your button is on top of an antique sewing machine, complete with foot treadle and thread. How’d the button get there, seven feet away and on top of the table? Alone, you sit down at the machine and give it a whirl, curious. A la HG Wells, with six vigorous pedals, you’re brought back to six months ago! Now, what do you do?

The rules are below. No winners/losers, per usual. I’m really curious to see the directions you’ll take with this. Pass the thimble, wouldn’t you?

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  1. Keep it PG. Pretend your great Aunt Gertrude would read it and disinherit you if she smelled even the faintest whiff of impropriety.
  2. No word limit this week. Just please don’t try to out write Charlotte Bronte. I do need to sleep and eat.
  3. You can do descriptives, a story, whatever your imagination comes up with. Narratives might work best here but let your sparkly imagination be your guide.
  4. Repost on your blog to increase the fun! This is optional, but the more the merrier. I welcome the pingbacks.
  5. Describe your sewing machine. If I touch it, does it shock me? Or is it a benign sort of creature, as long as it’s fed a steady diet of thread?

You have until Friday, February 22nd (11:59 pm, US EST) to make your post. Author reserves the right to approve and disapprove comments at her own discretion. I look forward to reading your time traveler adventures. 😊

8 thoughts on “Creativity Contest: The Time Machine Sewing Machine (Closed)”

  1. Another intriguing prompt. “Think, think, think,” as Winnie-the -Pooh would say while tapping his temple. I wonder what my imagination will come up with this week. 😉

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