Versatile Blogger Award

Thanks again, Steve and Muffin! You guys are the best. Let’s grab a healthy dose of sarcasm and wit and let’s begin…

Stats about my little blog;

Blog started in late Winter of 2018. We’re getting closer to 200 followers every day. Otherwise, my blog is at a healthy BMI with an average temperature of around 96F. Enough stats for ya?

Award Rules

In order to receive the award, each nominee will have to:

  • Thank the person who nominated him/her.
  • Link to the blog of the person who nominated him/her.
  • State 7 facts about himself/herself.
  • Nominate other bloggers who bring joy into their daily life (Note: There’s a different rule which asks nominees to nominate 15 more bloggers.)

Seven Facts About Myself:

1. I’ve murdered someone. In my writing. But just read that first sentence alone. Don’t worry, the exit sign is just behind you.

2. I  like Wednesday Addams. She’s a girl who knows her boundaries and herself. She kicks some major booty with just a raise of her eyebrow.

3. A lot of people I’ve met are afraid of computers and breaking them. I, on the other hand, will tell Google off if it expects me to take a really stupid way to get somewhere on my GPS. Shake and quake, CPU!

4. I’ve mowed an acre and a half with a push lawnmower whenever our riding lawnmower is out of commission. Can we say girl power and Gatorade? Knew you could.

5. I’ve been to Hemingway’s house in Key West, Florida. And yes I’ve seen the six toed cats as well. And there are NO celling fans inside the house. One of Hemingway’s wives took them all out and put in chandeliers. Thanks, lady.

6. One day I’d love to go to Prince Edward Island (P.E.I.) in Canada to see where L.M. Montgomery lived and see what she wrote about. And Newfoundland for the Newfies!

7. I’m a Ravenclaw, through and through.

Nominations: you. Enjoy!

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