Author Musings: More Commute Adventures

Picture it. America, 2019. Middle of Spring. You’re driving back from work and the usual mixture of cars are speeding, cutting people off and acting like the selfish creatures humans daily prove they are. You come up to a car displaying several political stickers on their back window, supporting a politician and mindset you find despicable and abhorrent. But you carry your thoughts elsewhere and ponder at red lights about what to make for dinner…

The light turns green and the First Amendment user presses hard on their gas pedal and flies away. A pale, white arm darts out the driver’s side window and a plastic cup filled with ice scatters onto the busy state route, disappearing in turbulence somewhere behind you. The driver couldn’t be bothered with recycling bins or even trash cans, it seems. Clearly, the world is their garbage dump and fools like us simply fail to understand their place in life.

You continue driving and watch as the vehicle enters into a turn lane. Where are they going, you wonder. To grab dinner? To catch a movie? No. They’re visiting the library. A prosocial institution, one mostly dependent upon tax payer dollars, to offer education and entertainment materials for free.

We can only hope they check out a book on recovering from idiocy.

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