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Author: A Quick Hello & Questions For You

A quick hello and happy weekend to you. I’m working out my next goals as a writer and have tentatively decided to have my next book ready to go by late Fall.* My laptop died on me, so I’m doing the paper and pencil route for now until I find a replacement. That’s put publishing my short story on hold, but I’ll do my best to get that out when I can. That’s my writing plan currently so wish me luck!


Here are some questions for you to answer in the comments below if you’d like. And if you want to ask me something about writing, go ahead.

1.) What are you reading or writing this weekend?

2.) What book and story would you most love to read that hasn’t been written yet?

(I’ll give you a clue. Your answer to question #2 is the book you should be writing.)

3.) Have you seen the movie Crimson Peak? I recently saw it and can’t get it out of my head. It’s a Gothic Romance with a very interesting, disturbing storyline. The visuals are fantastic. Let me know what you think if you’ve seen it.

Have a good weekend, Arcians. Remember to keep flapping and continue writing. Ker-kaw!

*By ready, I mean cleaned up enough to present to editors/agents.

13 thoughts on “Author: A Quick Hello & Questions For You”

  1. 1. I am currently trying to read Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers
    2. And you are right! I am wanting to read my own book one day, that I am currently writing. It’s slow-going though!

    1. It is slow going, but that’s alright. ☺️ I like to read bio’s of famous classic author’s and read what they experienced in trying to publish. It’s really heartening. Best of luck to you!

  2. 1. I am currently reading the following: (Audio) A Storm of Swords: A Song of Ice and Fire #3 by George R. R. Martin; (kindle) Memory Bound by A. R. Clayton 😉 ; and (paperback) IN the Afterlight: The Darkest Minds Series #3 by Alexandra Bracken. I read at least three books at a time.
    2. The book that I want to read in the future are my WIP’s; I have several of these in the works as well. One day, I will get one finished and published.

    1. Haha nice! Love the mention of MB. Cheers.

      The Saint and I are the same way. We read multiple books at the same time.

      Best of luck on your writing. I also have a novel I previously tried to get publish. One wing flap at a time–we can do this! ☺️

  3. 1. I am just finishing Windrush-Jayanti’s Pawns by Malcolm Archibald. I have just downloaded on my Kindle The Cole Trilogy by Noah Gordon.

    2. R.R. Martin’s unfinished books in the Game of Thrones. Though I despair of him ever finishing the book series because he is on to his next cinematic adventure with HBO- a prequel to the Game of Thrones.

    3.Haven’t seen Crimson Peak but it sounds interesting.

    1. Oh my. I haven’t read any of Game of Thrones but that author seems invincible, tireless or something else altogether.

      It was an interesting film. It evokes a wide array of emotions, from disgust to empathy.

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