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Author Humor: Can’t, Won’t, Didn’t Stop

I like to find humor in the every day life of modernity and sometimes mundanity. I wanted to share one such instance with us Arcians.

The Saint and I come across ran over stop signs so often that we’ve decided to start documenting our experiences. Please see Object A below.


We came across this noteable specimen outside of a strip mall recently. Now note, dear observer: not only is the stop sign knocked over, but the concrete block base is also broken into two separate pieces. One ponders: what was said, unknown driver doing at the time? Or, perchance, it was a runaway grocery cart full of heavy tubs of ice cream that did the deed. Perhaps the shopper was over eager in trying to save their ice cream from melting in the sun. One can only wonder. And look listlessly on.

Such destruction requires talent, does it not? My, my. This is one for the books.

6 thoughts on “Author Humor: Can’t, Won’t, Didn’t Stop”

  1. This reminds me of a scenario that actually happened to my daughter and I one time! 😂 We had stopped and gotten take-home spring rolls and was heading home. My daughter decides to eat one of them on the way home, while I was driving. Little did I know it had wasabi sauce (very hot sauce) on the side….She didn’t know what it was, and so she dipped the roll into the sauce. As soon as she took a bite, she commenced to screaming like a banshee! I thought I was going to wreck the car! Of course we didn’t have ANYTHING to drink. She kept screaming and fanning her mouth. Luckily we were still in town and our church was just around the corner, so I floored the accelerator! I ran a 4-way stop sign on purpose to get to the church! It’s a miracle I didn’t run it over! We flew into the church parking lot, I left my car running, got the keys and opened the fellowship hall kitchen, all the while, she was still screaming. She ran to the kitchen faucet, turned it wide open, and didn’t even bother drinking from a cup! Yeah, it’s a miracle we didn’t take down a stop sign and get a speeding ticket for reckless driving!!! ✋ 🛑😂🤷‍♀️

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