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Author Humor: Can’t, Won’t, Didn’t Stop

I like to find humor in the every day life of modernity and sometimes mundanity. I wanted to share one such instance with us Arcians. The Saint and I come across ran over stop signs so often that we’ve decided to start documenting our experiences. Please see Object A below.


Blogmas Day 22: Mr. Swinebottom Presents “The True Tale of the Christmas Fire” (Humor | Indie Author)

“Welcome to Day 22 of Blogmas 2018. This is Reginald Swinebottom presents and you’re in for a real treat tonight. Our story involves a mysterious fire, unexpected humor and sudden mischief. “Tonight’s tale begins on a Friday evening, as the author and saint gather around a Pokemon Monopoly board game they just opened…”


Blogmas Day 13: “Terrible Poetry” Contest Entry (Humor | Indie Author)

“Hello and this is Reginald Swinebottom presents. Welcome to Day 13 of of our Blogmas 2018 Premiere. Please, join us today for another excruciating “Terrible Poetry” reading! The goal is to write a truly terrible poem–extra points for jolts of revulsion and sudden aches of terror. Join the brouhaha at Chelsea Ann Owen’s blog. Enter and join the fun, or subscribe to her page for … Read More Blogmas Day 13: “Terrible Poetry” Contest Entry (Humor | Indie Author)