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May Writing Prompt: “The Gift of Flight” (Closed)

Greetings, Arcians. How are we today, my fine feathered friends? Bind and gag your self doubts and fears and leave them at the door. We’ve got some writing to do. Don’t forget to read all the directions, as I usually change up Rule #5 as questions to answer in your writing.

For this month’s second prompt, grab your goggles and eye drops. We’re going flying…

You’re standing outside on a cool Spring day, wondering how to spend a free Saturday afternoon. You spent the morning catching up on chores and reading the NYTimes online afterwards as a treat.  The news, however, makes you wonder exactly how many things people can screw up in one short day. You survey your backyard, sipping your favorite drink, contemplating current events and the future of the planet. You feel a sort of sadness fall on your shoulders and your gaze starts to unfocus as your thoughts darken.

A shadow falls over you and you look up, half expecting a rain cloud to  start downpouring on you to match your mood. A flock of birds are swarming above you, all different species, in complete silence. They’re larger birds–mostly raptors and vultures–effortlessly winding above you on thermals. A cascade of feathers falls on you like powdery snow and you’re suddenly transformed into a bird.

You rise up into the air quickly, joining the flock in instinct. Your house is a speck of brown far beneath you and you can see the ocean quickly approaching. There’s someone at the lighthouse you need to meet, someone who might help with all the darkness. Maybe the Lighthouse keeper can shine a light into the world, or at least provide you with some answers and a bit of dinner.

Take it from here. Tell me what bird you transform into and why. And what’s that favorite beverage you’re drinking anyway? The rules are below. Crack on.

  1. Keep it PG. Pretend your great Aunt Gertrude would read it and disinherit you if she smelled even the faintest whiff of impropriety.
  2. No word limit. Just please don’t try to out write the greats.
  3. You can do descriptives, a story, whatever your imagination comes up with.
  4. Repost on your blog to increase the fun (optional). I do like to be pinged back so I can read and comment on your works.
  5. What does your backyard look like? What’s your first thought at becoming airborne? Try to really nail down how’d you truly feel and show me through the senses.

You have until Friday, May 24th (11:59 pm, US EST) to make your post. Author reserves the right to approve and disapprove comments at her own discretion.

Have fun writing and exploring your imagination. Pass the goggle wipes, wouldn’t you?🦉

5 thoughts on “May Writing Prompt: “The Gift of Flight” (Closed)”

  1. I love flying! Oh -and I got to attend a bird show at our local zoo. They’d trained the various owls, falcons, ravens, and doves to fly right over the audience. It was so cool! I got to see a red-tailed hawk and peregrine falcon really close!

    1. You are quite welcome and thank you. I need to rewrite my rules to general guidelines. I don’t want to inadvertently stifle anyone’s creativity if a great take suddenly appears in their mind. Thanks again!

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