Author: Summer Hum

Summer officially began last week. I love all the seasons but if I were asked to rank them they would follow as this, with the first being the most liked:

  1. Fall
  2. Winter
  3. Spring
  4. Summer

Summer is a time of great production–a humming of activity and doing. Everything is growing, producing and dancing in nature’s rhythms. Fall is a slowing down of the dance, a gathering up of cloaks and grains and storing food away. In Winter, the dancers freeze and rest. In Spring we thaw and prep ourselves all over again.

I drag my toes in the Summer, I’ve realized. I don’t like the heat, the humidity, summer clothing or the general bouisterness in the air. Calm Fall and Silent Winter are my favorites; Spring is like a darling child with rosy cheeks and a flower garland. Summer is a loud goddess, running full throttle with dragon flies and fire flies darting in and out of her hair. She’s beautiful, strong and stormy and full of light and energy. But Summer leaves you exhausted once she’s done her work.

Which season do you find yourself the most alive in? The most inspired in? Or what season do you find yourself budging along, dragging your feet and toes a little? Comment down below and maybe include how you visualize the seasons. Writers have been doing it for centuries.

Carry on.

5 thoughts on “Author: Summer Hum”

  1. In order, spring, summer, fall and that other season with all the snow and cold which lasts for 6 long months of the year and makes you want to stay inside every day because it’s just too cold to go out without freezing your nose until it falls off into the snow and it takes half and hour to find it again and anyway it takes half an hour just to get dressed to go outside by which time you are wondering if you are going out or coming in and I just can’t see why I would like it even a tiny bit when in summer and spring I have lots of energy and can do things and go outside without wearing a jacket and can actually enjoy things like birds singing and flowers blooming and I really can’t see any reason not to like those 2 seasons but that’s just my thoughts on the matter anyway.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜

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