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Author: 2020 Goals, Word of the Year & Writers Group?✏️

Before we begin, I stole the Word of the Year idea from Violet’s blog. so the credit is all hers. Let’s dive in.

My word of the year I’m choosing (or was given to me, as you’ll soon read) is fortitude. This word popped up in my email one day in an email subscription a few months back. The word struck me and I kept it in my inbox as a reminder for weeks. After some reflection, I felt like this word was a gift from God, as it was a very timely word and a gentle, even understanding, reminder. 

I’m going to tuck the word into my pocket this year (next to my Pokeball and apple cores I keep handy) and carry it around with me, along with my other quotes, poetry and Psalm tidbits. What about you–what’s your word or poem of the year?

My goals for 2020, so far, include:

  • To finish writing my second novel (GOTD; in progress)
  • To reach my goal weight by my birthday (in progress)
  • To create some positive changes in my life to reduce unnecessary stress (in progress)
  • To read my daily Bible (also in progress, as I started doing this last year)
  • To keep encouraging other developing authors like myself (ongoing)
  • To continue learning ASL (any Deaf friends out there?)

Lastly, I’ve been kicking around the idea of starting a virtual writer’s group. Skype chat, maybe once a month, with some basic guidelines and parameters to help encourage fellow writers. If I did proceed with this, would there be any interest? Let me know. ✏️

Thanks for reading as always. Ker-kaw!

18 thoughts on “Author: 2020 Goals, Word of the Year & Writers Group?✏️”

  1. The writer’s group is a great idea. It is nice to share interests and experiences with others to connect and get new perspectives.

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