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Book Update & Thoughts on Bugs Bunny

On this side of the screen, I received my manuscript for M.B. back from my editor. I’m going through it slowly, combing through the suggestions. I’m plastering over plot holes, sanding down sentences, squirting oil into squeaky words and listening to see when the engine hums. M.B. is a horror novel with a sprinkle of mystery. It’s partially a reflection on the world and how vulnerable people tend to be treated (not too great).  M.B. has lots of layers of meaning, some tucked behind dark places. I hope you’ll enjoy reading it.

I’m aiming for an early to mid Fall publication date. It will start as an ebook and then will become available in print later. More on M.B. to come as publication approaches.

I have lots of pans in the fire currently with projects to come and projects to finish. Bugs Bunny is helping me get through and reminds me, in his iconic voice, not to take myself too seriously. His wisdom is profound. Bugs always impressed me with his on the fly plans and strategies to outsmart the bad guys in the Loony Toons episodes. Sometimes, I think he must be a mastermind or a genius of some kind. What do you think?

Happy writing everyone!

bugs bunny advice

Music: “Lights“, Ellie Goulding

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