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Author: What My Dog is Thinking (Caption)

This is what my dog is thinking in the above picture. Or at least my guess. Enjoy.

“I like this bed. Daddy got it for me. He’s my walking buddy. I get to sit next to mom while she writes. Then I remind her to take potty breaks and to take me out potty. She was lucky last time. There was a killer cat in OUR yard but I scared it away! And then there were those huuuuge brown things that leave the little jelly beans I love to eat. Mom gets upset when I do that, but it’s so good! Then she brushes my teeth–I hate that! But I scare them off, too. I huff and I puff and off they run, haha!

“What did she call them? Deer, I think. She kept trying to keep me calm. But those deer had to go! Or maybe, we could play. Maybe they would give me more jellybeans. *Yawn*. That would be nice.

“Maybe tomorrow we’ll go on another car ride. I like those. I stick my nose out the window and I can smell everything! I smell people, food, animals and nice dead things. Those small dogs bug me. Grr. They love to just walk in front of our house like they own it. But I protect my people. I’ll bark at them until they go away. Don’t they know mom needs to write? Get away from our house!

“I wonder if mom will put a frozen banana in my Kong tomorrow. I love those. Or peanut butter. Or maybe she’ll make me a Presley and put both in.

“Why’s mom gagging? She keeps sayings I’m being stinky. Humans  have no respect for good smells…Flatuence is an art.”

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