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Author: Resetting my Brain from Materialism & Society✝️

Somewhere along the line, we lose ourselves. We find ourselves at Costco, staring at the shiny camera on the shelf, the thing that will give you x (book advertisement) and help you do y (YouTube). Marketers spend billions of dollars to trap, ensnare and keep you in their cycle of wanting, buying and eventual dissatisfaction. Set this process on repeat and there’s the foundation … Read More Author: Resetting my Brain from Materialism & Society✝️


Author: What My Dog is Thinking (Caption)

This is what my dog is thinking in the above picture. Or at least my guess. Enjoy.


Author: Happy Spring

Share a happy thought below. Could be an accomplishment, could be just a hello. Let’s try to encourage one another. And for all you fellow writers out there–keep moving forward! ☺️